SassiFit Session I  January 1-February 10

Join us for sassy dancing in the dark to get your metabolism ramped up for the holidays! Fun, dance cardio combined with strength and toning on the mat will leave you stronger and leaner going into the holiday season.  Gain energy and build muscle to help get through the winter.  Don't hibernate- come sweat it out with us!  Bring water and a yoga mat.  





FunkyFit, Fit21 Boot Camp, KickFit and BounceFit coming in 2018!

Workshops and clinincs coming soon!


Burlesque Classes at Studio 21 Dance & Fitness (coming 2018)

Burlesque teaches body control, core strength and balance while unleashing your inner diva.  Burlesque is all about what it truly means to be sexy; self confident, self assured and accepting/appreciative of the bodies we have.  Our “No Excuses” policy means that you check the things holding you back from seeing your beauty at the door.  This class is about appreciating you for you and about learning how to maximize your potential.  From hip rolls & shimmies to the old vaudeville, tongue in cheek cabaret, this class series is like none other and will leave you feeling invigorated, empowered and energized! (wear comfy clothes and get ready to sweat)


Former Class, Basic Burlesque

Hips, head rolls, and booty bumps...oh my! This workshop will work you from head to toe...but be careful– it’s addictive! Classes include warm up, stretch, skill break down, across the floor application of movement along with the choreography that made the Dolls famous!



"BLUSH" Pro Burlesque Dance Team Director  Jessica Mason

Jessica’s dad's family came from Vaudeville and she is the granddaughter of  a very well known Vaudevill burlesque performer; Roxy Mason.  As instructor of the Intro to Burlesque and Girls Night Out workshops, Jessica uses the comedic influence of her heritage to relate the material in a personal and accessible way.  She believe that it’s not what you look like that makes you sexy, but how you feel about yourself that draws people to you.  Classes are core focused and value positive self talk as a teaching tool. You’re guaranteed to spend the class sweating and smiling!






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