Winter Mini Combo; Jazz, Pom, Cheer (ages 5-12)

Tuesdays 3:15-4:10 (@MPA)

Wednesdays 6:00-6:55 (LAKEWOOD)

Saturday's 10:45-11:40 (LITTLETON)

This combo class is a great starting place for new dancers. The jazz aspect of the class focuses on alignment, technique and fluid style, while the pom and hip hop elements work on performance aspects such as strong arm motions, formation awareness and stage presence. The styles compliments each other well as one  builds a technical foundation, one sharpens and strengthens and focuses on performance and personality. Students will learn alternating styles of routines from a jazz routine to a pom routine with pom poms to perform at the semester end performance. (LAKEWOOD)

Performance: Saturday, December 16th @4:00 and 4:30pm at Southwest Plaza Mall, Littleton


        Starz Dance Team: See team page







 STUDIO 21 FITNESS   Dance Fitness for Adults 


6 week session only $50!  UNLIMITED CLASSES for only $75

Register for January and get December FREE!

SassiFit TM

ONLY at Studio 21 Dance & Fitness! Sassy Fit utilizes moves from burlesque, Jazz, Bollywood, Hula and Hip Hop in short, sassy combos.  The class ends with mat work with bum and ab focused conditioning.

Monday 7:00-7:55 (Arvada Enterprise Grange)

Tuesdays 7:00-7:55pm (Littleton; Abiding Hope)

Wednesdays 7:00-7:55pm (Lakewood)

Thursday 5:45-6:40om (Blush Studios, Littleton)

​Saturdays 9:30-10:25am (Littleton; Waterstone Church  Littleton)

$10 Drop In 




BounceFit  Boots Available for Rental *Starting 2018

New to Studio 21 Dance & Fitness: BounceFit is a cardio bounce classes using Bounce Boots for Exercise Routines and Choreography.  These boots are super fun and a killer leg and bum work out. BounceFit helps joint and spinal health, aides in weight loss, allows for shorter training time, rehab after surgery or injury and increases endurance.  $15 Drop; $10 if you have your own boots


Burlesque Fit  *Starting 2018

Burlesque has come a long way from the traditional tongue in cheek vaudeville style of the “hootchy kootchy” to the current sultry style made popular by groups like the Pussycat Dolls.  Our Burlesque classes are a mix between everything sultry from the walls and the floors to, Instructor Mr. Ammon's, intricate choreography giving you a workout you will have too much fun to never stop.  Our former 'Intro Class' and 'Booty Basics Workshop' have been combined into one class.  Class begins with basic body control and simplified movements and then is put together into fun and flirty choreography. Bombshell Burlesque (Coming Back in April) is for dancers ready to unleash their inner diva and dive right into fast paced choreography and more difficult movements.  $10 Drop In 




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